LIGHT OF MANTRA | SOUND | Our true nature

SOUND is pure vibration within and around us. Creating music and rhythm is a way for us to relax, free our minds, achieve supreme consciousness.

Mantras are sounds, encapsulated in form from formless.
Imagine a super being of ether, pure vibration and consciousness, wishing to create form. We can transform this being into our own life on earth, as we are transformers from stillness to life.

By chanting a frequency, or specific vibration, a sense of peace fills the soul and here, positive vibrations ripple through mind states, inducing a positive state of mind, an openness to all. So by choosing our thoughts, a sankalpa, (a positive affirmation) the repetition is clearly intended. This repetition brings us trance qualities in our day and in this place of oneness, consciousness, here and Now , the Now, a moment, in the Present, we can bring super consciousness being through as human form, with voice, rhythm and instruments. Compressing a nature force, ( ether compressed, encapsulated sounds, vibrations compressed, super charged particles, joined by a bond of like like forces) the spheres within and around us are one and the same.

Our true nature, One Being, The Ultimate freedom. Liberation. In her finest form. We reside here during chanting.

A song, a chant, Hum, an Om, a prayer, a bhajan, a mantra, repetition of sounds, creates a sense of well being and brings us into true alignment with All. If we can maintain this high state, we can create a new karmic pattern, rid ourselves of old karmic bonds, step into a new shell as it were. Love is always here, we just have to tune in with sound, thought, positive feelings and new waves of conscious life will permeate our heartbeat, breath and soul.
A new life, from new thoughts, and surrounded from within and externally by new vibrations is the yogini's many sheaths.

Every fibre in our body will be filled with this vibration, spiral, ripple, vibrate on a higher level till we eventually become so practised in remaining in samadhi, that we reside in the home of the gods always. Satya Loka Saraswati
She plays an indian stringed instrument.

Consciousness is the space in all living things, life itself, the highest realm.

I am, you are, we are all infused with this essence. We are all made up of this space and can call on it anytime, anywhere . Affirmations each moment, tune us in with this great supercharge, fills our lives , be…. in line… in alignment with a parallel universe, a universal charged energy that permeates the whole of life itself. Anything with life is made up of these particles and within the DNA makeup, always closer than the breath, sits
Conscious Being, Conscious thought, Consciousness Herself.

All we feel, think and act is from this life force, and when we are fully conscious, (thinking and feeling and being this positive knowing,) anything is possible.

A key to this doorway is Love, and by repetition of mantras, the door of perception is opened, instantly. In this relaxed, comfortable reality, we have protection, remove all obstacles and enter true nature.

Consciousness is state, an art, a way of life, something within us that is so close, it is our very soul itself which we gaze upon and motivate into action, ripples of excitement come out from this zone, and supercharge begins to take shape and form of whatever we choose. Its a flow, everything becomes easy. Let go, trust in our true self, Consciously.


Prepared by our CHANTS, yoga and meditations AND by avoiding material attachment…..

spiritual light dawns on us and is so bright

Dwell in this pure state being unaffected.by practice of yoga we are free from wheel of desire and live in a state of poise and peace.

NO thought waves arise, there is no need to restrain them.

when we focus on paramanu, the infinitesimal atom, and by control over the subtle body we can suspend the light emanating from us and be invisible.

Solar plexus in the core of body and lunar plexus in brain, in the cerebrum brain is equated with the cooling moon which cools the solar plexus. When we contemplate the inner body, we know the universe.

From earth to clay to pot we can practice our yoga, our past is the dust of earth, our present is the malleable clay and our future is the formed perfect pot, pipe or musical flute.

Right knowledge can be achieved by weeding out negative thoughts just as the eye lids protect the eye.

Pure inner peace can be achieved by attaining and remaining aloof from all karma.

Even if we don't interact with nature, we hold samskaras which our pleasures lead to pain even though we are pure now. KNOWLEDGE will free us from this. Consciousness appears to be all pervading and real, when one is cultured and purified on realises that Consciousness conscss has no existence of its own, is dependant on the seer.

it is aligned by the seer or tainted by the seen, the wise yogi frees Consciousness Css from nature, keeps it clean so it is reflected without distortion by the seer and the seen.

Consciousness C is a bridge between nature and the soul

WHen the waves of ocean merge, they lose their identity. the waves of the seer, the senses of perception, mind, intelligence and consciousness, subside , they lose their identities for the seer to blaze forth independently. this is the sight of the soul.

Patanjali says Consciousness conss is no longer a subject but an object. the sheaths of the yogi are untouched by life like a windless place so his own glorious light shines and to dwell in that light…
in the light

Om Ramana Ram Sita Ram Govinda Govinda Rama Ram
Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyam Radhe Shyamcould photo shop this to b more silhouette, less detailed, with dancing shiva in background, on ocean picture.

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