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Children of Pencarreg: Pony Test One:

Can you do round the world on your pony?
Can you pick up all 4 hoofs from 1 side?
Can you back your pony/horse up 5 steps on the ground?
Can you ride bareback?
Can you vault on your pony/horse?

'Win A Pony'
The draw is at xmas 2014!!

Who can ride really slowly?
Anyone can ride fast!
Who can ride slowly without a bit?
Who can ride with no reins at all like the Children of Pencarreg learn to do in Book 2!!

Read the news letter with stories and fun games to play. Also see handy tips for pony care...
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Welcome from the Children of Apple tree cottage
Brook Farm

Hill Pony Club is for pony lovers all over the world who wish to discover and learn more than ever about being with horses and ponies on a natural way. Everyone is welcome!
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