Hillpony ranch is a breeding and training centre for hillponies. Trace the breeds back to Kaimanawas origin. It is a sanctuary

A few images of Shemaya:

The mares, foals and stallions come and go as they please and it is such a powerful moment when they choose to befriend us and let us ride them. We ride without bits or saddles; it's a beautiful experience to be bareback, riding on a horse that really wants to be with us in partnership.

By watching wild herds around the world we have gained a greater understanding of our horses and have created a farm where their well-being comes first. We have travelled thousands of miles on horseback around Britain and through the wilderness of New Zealand. Our passion was to tame totally wild horses and ride through the wide open countryside within 24 hours of handling them. We discovered what a wild horse needs to trust on this level and have developed our 'Mare and foal' principle to ensure our treks are safe and fun for both us and the horses.

Our family now train wild horses and their foals to become ace at riding and driving in all styles. We hold seminars and courses called the Ultimate Feeling, about communication, bareback and no rein riding, intuitive horse handling to create a fantastic friendship with horses.

We breed a hardy sure-footed, physically and emotionally well-balanced pony perfect for children and adults alike.

I, Cath, began my interesting journey with horses as a child and discovered my passion was long distance. After travelling around the British Isles several times since I was 13 years old on my young pony, I rode to Wales where I made my home for the next 15 years enjoying training Welsh cobs.

In 1991 I followed my dream of riding a wild horse across New Zealand. Only a few weeks after arriving I had discovered a wild horse sale in the Fairy Queen Mountains, Canterbury and tamed two wild Irish draught/thoroughbred horses overnight and rode to Golden Bay where I had an extraordinary encounter with a wild dolphin and my horses.

My method of taming horses is unusual as I communicate with them using sound and touch and found when I watched the horses "talk" to the dolphin, it was a similar language, and I was hooked!

I lived for the rest of that summer swimming in the ocean with the horses and dolphin and then thought about sharing my discovers of natural horse riding with others. I rested from my travels and developed a horse sanctuary high up overlooking the ocean in Golden Bay.

Come and experience the wild horses that live on the mountain, enjoy the silence and peace as you watch the ponies and horses graze on the rugged hillside and feel the connection of spirit and earth healing your soul.

Welcome to Hill Pony
New Zealand Hill Ponies, Hillpony Ranch, Takaka, Golden Bay | PO BOX 200, Takaka, Golden Bay